spring vibes.

Spring vibes. I miss the countryside-a garden-a table in the evening sun, bake a pizza hand in hand as everyone like, vegan or not, round or angular, thick or thin, and then share everything to discover something new. A walk together after sunlight, porridge and coffee on the terrace overlooking the garden – with blanket and warm wool socks. I really like the thoughts and questions of Katharina ::< Life is not always sweet, but you have plenty of chances to grab yourself a slice of happiness.> … < What part of your life did you find nourishing?> not always thinking what is missing, what do we want, where do we still want to live, … it’s good and important to deal with all these inner questions, and to speak, to communicate with you and others. But maybe we just have these small moments that suit us, that feel good to show us where our path could start? Where did you feel almost 100 % YOU in these spring days, without thinking too long ….

The little picture story above – 24 hours at Katrin’s home in Brandenburg in the countryside. Wake up in the morning, without city noise. A short morning round with Ludwig and Bruno, very individual character heads like us. Bake sourdough bread, eat together in the garden with very interesting conversations. A garden big enough to stroll through together and to discover the first signs of spring. Much more and enough for stepping into spring or to start whatever may come!

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2 Antworten auf spring vibes.

  1. Katrin sagt:

    Schön! Das Gartenfoto am Schluss mag ich auch so sehr. Und ja, die kleinen Momente – die sind so wichtig!

  2. WSAKE sagt:

    ohhhh susanne…

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