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mindful milk.

Zuivelcoöperatie ZUCO in Dokkum, Netherlands. The Dokkum citizens have bought bonds to make it possible, an investor promotes – a farmer and a cook teamed up for delicious dairy products – this is how a great project is created. Dokkum … Weiterlesen

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fine bagels.

I could sit here all morning – watching people come in, smiling, they are looking for something delicious – for a little break during the daily routine. sun, clouds, shadow. people come people go. I talk and watch – enjoying … Weiterlesen

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villa augustus.

Ich will in meinem Gartenzimmer schlafen. Als Kind bin ich nachts gerne auf Wanderschaft gegangen, mit Wanderpause vor der Terassentür – „lass mich ich will in meinem Gartenzimmer schlafen“. In der Villa Augustus – Hotel, Restaurant, Café, Bäckerei, Garten, Gewächshäuser, … Weiterlesen

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linden backt!

Linden backt! an organic bakery that will be continued after a bankruptcy in form of a union of former employees and neighbors. the doors opened for the first time in the middle of february for three days, for friends and … Weiterlesen

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rose petal granola.

For far too long I guard a treasure at my home – Anna’s carefully picked and dried rose petals. recipe ideas collected on pinterst boards – the right moment – the right opportunity – too long considered and planned. Yesterday … Weiterlesen

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