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Heute {sugar in the morning} ohne Zucker. Das Gute daran man vermißt ihn nicht. Das köstliche Süß mitgebracht von der zauberhaften Suus aus den Niederlanden, sozusagen mein Reisemitbringsel für euch. Ein wenig Urlaub für mich mit frühem Gast und Plauderei – viel mehr will ich gar nicht vorwegnehmen, als das ihr sie im Juli in Berlin bei einer ganz besonderen Veranstaltung kennen lernen könnt. Und jetzt kommt Suus…


My name is Suus and i make a Dutch blog named Food Bandits ( My work is all about good and healthy food without spending hours in the kitchen. I like recipes that are simple but when you taste it you can’t believe how good it is. Real food to celebrate life. When sweet Susanne asked me to make something for ‘Sugar in the morning’ i was so honoured. I love her work and i don’t think there is bigger fan of breakfast then me. Susanne and i even joke ( together with Fraulein Sonntag) on instagram about starting the Blue hour Breakfast club. But not only do i love breakfast i even started an English blog all about breakfast called The Healthy Breakfast Club ( Here we serve the best recipes for our favorite meal of the day.

Especially for this post i came up with vegan, gluten and sugar free scones. Topped of with a rice syrup glaze and walnuts. After we made this photo we ate them all with a big pot of coffee while reading the newspaper. Yes that was a good start of the day. So for a good start of your day….


Vegan, gluten and sugar free scones
100 g walnuts
225 g buckwheat flour
1 tbsp baking powder
1 tbsp cinnamon
1.5 tbsp ginger
pinch of salt, i like to use kosher salt
5 tbsp coconut butter, cubed
2 bananas, pureed
60 ml ricemilk or soy
1 tpsp vanilla extract
1 tpsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp rice syrup
tbsp melted coconut butter

Preheat the oven at 220 degrees and mix 85 grams of the walnuts together with the buckwheat, baking powder, cinnamon, ginger and salt. Then add the coconutbutter.

In an other bowl mix the wet ingredients: bananas, rice milk and vanilla extract. Then add this to the dry ingredients and stir until well combined. This dough is pretty wet and sticky.

Place a sheet of baking parchment on a baking tray and form little balls out of the dough. Place them on the tray and bake them in the middle of the oven for about 15–17 minutes. Or until golden-brown. Leave them to cool while making the glaze. Simply mix the ingredients together and pour over the cooled scones. Top it off with the left over walnuts and your done!


Then Susanna asked me some questions about breakfast. Oh i could talk for hours about breakfast.

Your perfect breakfast? Ooh that is a difficult one because there are so many. Well first of all after a good night sleep, then i think of baked oatmeal or a nice rhubrab crumble. With the newspaper and a whole day ahead of doing things that i love. Like shopping especially foodmarkets or walking in the woods preferably with my husband and dachshund Moos.

Where do you buy the best bread / buns in your city? I live in a small town where the artisan bread trend hasn’t come yet. Though having said that there is one baker who is really expermenting with making his own sourdough without the use of any yeast. His spelt sourdough is pretty yummie. We live an half hour drive from Amsterdam and there we like to visit Vlaamsch Broodhuys and Gebr. Niemeijer. On my wishlist is bread from Menno the baker.

Do you have a special morning ritual? Before it is the weekend i already go online to my favorite foodblogs or pinterest to select a special breakfast that i want to try out. So almost every saturday morning we try out something new. I always start with an golden detox drink while Johann walks the dog. Then he makes breakfast (i am so lucky) and most of the time we make photo’s for our blog or instagram. Then we can eat and we always talk about what we like about the recipe or what we want to improve. Then we drink a cup of tea or coffee and discuss what we will be doing that day.

Breakfast with tea or coffee? It always used to be coffee and i really thought i couldn’t live without it. But a few months ago i really changed my eating habits. Skipping sugar, lactose and additives so now it is a golden detox drink. Part lemon, ginger, tumeric and hot water. I only drink coffee once a week, an espresso with lots of warm soymilk and foam.

What is your favorite cake recipe ? It used to be chocolatecake without a doubt. Have you ever tried Devil’s foodcake from Nigella Lawson? There is nothing better. But with chaning my eating habits food has become magic. I couldn’t believe after eating this Macademia Cheesecake ( that healthy food can taste that good!”

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4 Antworten auf healthy breakfast club.

  1. tine sagt:

    oh wie schön
    ich glaube die eigenen sich auch hervorragend als wegzehrung beim wandern

  2. yum! looks delicious! thanks for sharing this great recipe.

  3. Andrea sagt:

    Die Scones sehen richtig schön knackig aus. Schade dass nichts mehr übrig ist.. Aber ich habe ja jetzt das Rezept! 🙂

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