everything will turn out alright.


A dream, my dream, many dream of it, but Ruth lives hers ‚The Black Isle Bakery‚. From the Black Isle (the Scottish peninsula is Ruth’s home) over London to Berlin. At first a caterer – with permanent customers as well – like the “Hallesche Haus”, now in an own bakery café, that could leave the impression of a gallery if passed too quickly. Probably the first guest of the day I was welcomed with a sweet dachshund at the door. Open and friendly but at the same time discreetly and cautiously I was served a glas of water. I was given the opportunity to arrive at the place and at the meantime. Admire the pastry, talk shop about flour – smile. A neutral white along with grey and copper dominates the room but it is everything else but cold. The aroma of “ovenfresh” and immediately – in combination with Ruth’s charisma – it evokes a warm feeling of comfort.

 Ruth what made you such an excellent baker? Patience! And attention to detail. I learned these things from the people I worked alongside in the Paris bakery Du Pain et Des Idées. If you cut corners in baking it will show in the finished product. I use good ingredients and I handle them with care, and I’m always looking for ways to make things better.

what’s your ‚Alice in Wonderland‘? I love the Scottish highlands where I grew up. The Black Isle is actually a peninsula in the north of Scotland and there are so many beautiful places there. There are lots of folk tales and interesting stories about the history of the area, it’s a truly wonderful part of the world.

whereof there is too much in Berlin? I think one of the things I like the most about Berlin is there is space for everything and everyone. That’s what makes this city so special.

breakfast with tea or coffee? I have to have coffee with breakfast! I start work very early everyday and coffee has become a big part of my routine. I like to have a cappuccino with a single shot espresso on the side. The day hasn’t properly begun before I perform this ritual!


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    das habe ich auch bei Ruth gedacht..und wieleckerwieleckerwielecker 🙂

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